All you need to know about Suntrust Online Banking

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The functioning of SunTrustonlinebanking platform is very similar to that of other banks. Account holders who sign up for the service can access and manage their accounts online using a computer or a mobile device using suntrust banking on line  platform. You may access credit card alternatives, pay bills, transfer money, set up balance alerts, and more.

Once you log into suntrust mobile banking portal, you can access your checking account, savings account, certificate of deposit account, credit cards, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), mortgage, lines of credit, instalment loans, and more, depending on the type of account you have with the company, all on a single page. To get the most out of your online banking experience, learn more about the platform's features.

How Secure Is Online Banking at SunTrust?

Online Sun Trust banking offers practical answers for many services, but it also carries concerns, such as the dangers posed by fraudsters. Thanks to hackers who are constantly looking for new ways to exploit banking systems digitally, bank fraud has gone digital. However, most hackers prefer to target individual banking customers and users of mobile banking apps, who are often easier targets because they have less-secure devices and accounts, rather than a bank's own online system.

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