How Does Onlyfans Appear on Credit Card Statement?

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Onlyfans is a subscription-based social media platform that allows users to create content and post on it and the other users can access them by paying for them. The platform is best known for posting adult content and users are very concerned about it for not unveiling their name on the platform while accessing it. 


In general the users of the onlyfans use credit cards to make payments and wondered whether their name will be displayed on the credit card statement while making a transaction through it.

To answer all your questions regarding whether or not only fans show up on credit cards, we have brought up this article for you. Go through the post.

Does Onlyfans Show Up on Credit Card?

While making a transaction to access any specific content you must be worried about the name appearing on onlyfans on bank statement, and you may not want to disclose it.

If you are more concerned about it then, you may opt for another payment mode that will not disclose your name.

But not to get worried, Onlyans doesn’t show up  your real name on your bank account, instead it may state as “Fenix International” or “Onlyfans”. 

Creating an account on it does not charge anything for it and it's totally free to use, but to view the content on it you have to make a transaction.

To be stressed out about disclosing your name on the Onlyfans bank statement, you can choose another payment gateway like use a gift card or any prepaid card and be worry free.

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