How to Take money out of Crypto com?

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If you are having a go through this blog to know how you could withdraw money from so without wasting time you should begin reading this blog to find out the details you want to. 

Crypto com is a crypto currency exchange which is a reliable and trustworthy platform which has been in existence from year 2016 and some of the crypto currencies which you can trade on crypto com such as bitcoin, litecoin, uniswap, origin, enjin coin ,USD coin, ethereum, chain link etc. 

Withdrawing money from crypto com for the users 

For withdrawing money from crypto for the users you are required to open the application of crypto after which you should have a preferred bank account linked to it if you haven’t done it already. 

At the bottom of your screen you will find option of pop up option which will offer you two options which are to deposit and withdraw from which you have to select the withdrawal option before getting to the next step in the blog. 

You will now see two options for you from the screen: from crypto and fiat from which you should click on the fiat option and then opt for the currency which you prefer. 

When you are done with your selections you now have to put in the amount of money which you are willing to withdrawal to bank and then hit the withdrawal button after which you will see a confirmation on the screen and your request will be processed.

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